Help a child to see a dolphin on 31 may 2015

Copiii si echipa de instructori de la

Copiii si echipa de instructori de la

On 1 june, in Romania we celebrate Child Day! So I am thinking to make a surprise 1 day trip for 15 children from Asociatia Asociaţia Gladiator- Szobi Cseh to see the dolphins in Constanta city, where we have a Dolphin ParkDelfinariu Constanta . So let’s help them to enjoy and remember a wonderfull day with any donation 1, 5, 10 euro or dollars or what ever you consider until 27 may 2015, to this PAYPAL
Bank : ALPHA Bank Bucharest, Romania
IBAN: RO77BUCU2242232523018RON

The money we need:
to rent a minibus about 150-200 euro
the tax for Dolphin Park 1 Euro/child
maybe buy them a pizza about 3-4 euro/child

After you donate i will send you an E-book in English about traveling in Romania ! Thank you and thinking that wherever you are, you can bring a smile to a kid that never saw the sea or a dolphin !

This project is part of my ONG Asociatia Rafael Roreiki to help children discover and love their country : Romania. And also you will get pictures and a report about your donations.

Thank you !
Elena Zoltareanu RoReiki
president NGO Asociatia Rafael Roreiki
Bucharest, ROMANIA
Together we heal souls !


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