21 September celebrate WORLD DAY of PEACE with music !

From all of us at USFUCA and Action Moves People United, we are happy to share this amazing world peace project and hope you join and listen.

Get it NOW for ½ price on ITunes.



Action Moves People United

OVER 300 INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS CONTRIBUTE from over 30 countries featuring Dan Aykroyd, Julian Lennon, Kathy Sledge, Alan White, Geoff Downes, John Wetton, Patrick Moraz,Annie Haslam, Janis Ian, Martin Barre, Colin Andrews, Lillias White, and many other artists!

ACTION MOVES PEOPLE UNITED, a World Peace Project with UNESCO – USFUCA, is produced by Grammy® Winner Kevin Mackie, award winning producer Krista Wallhagen, and
Guinness World Record® holder musician and award winning filmmaker Rupam Sarmah.

The double CD album with 45 tracks of Musical Spoken Word and Songs will be officially released on Sept 21, 2016. (International Day of Peace)

Thank you so much from all of us from Action Moves People United

“I pray for the moment of mass consciousness when we all wake up and bring peace into our
own hearts and souls. It’s a challenge and it’s going to take every one of us to make it happen,”
says Dan Aykroyd.


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